Graduate Students

Garrett Edwards, graduate student

I’m a second year biochemistry PhD student, working with histone chaperone proteins to obtain structural and mechanistic insights into the regulation, maintenance, and impact of chromatin structure in gene expression and genome replication. These events require fidelity in the dis- and re-assembly of nucleosomes (DNA complexes with histone proteins) and are reliant on the synergistic activity of chromatin remodelers and histone chaperones. The focus of my project is the histone chaperone FACT in human and Drosophila melanogaster systems.

GuYajieYajie Gu, Graduate Student

Project: Structural and functional studies of histone chaperone in replication and epigenetic maintenance, with various techniques such as EMSA, FRET, SEC-MALS, AUC, crystallography and HDX etc.



Keda Zhou, Graduate Student

I love snow, sunshine and science. My main interest is on understanding how kinetochore proteins assemble on centromere (CenpA containing nucleosome). I focus my reasearch on one “CCAN” protein-CenpN.


Dan Krzizike, Graduate Student and AUC expert

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