Research Associates


Serge Bergeron,  Research Associate

Interests include nucleosome dynamics and ATP-independent nucleosome assembly.




Guillaume Gaullier,  Research Associate

I earned my PhD in France from the University of Paris-Sud in September 2015. During these three years I studied the interaction between human telomere proteins TRF2 and RAP1 using a combination of structural, biophysical and biochemical techniques. I then joined Dr Luger’s laboratory as a post-doctoral research associate to study the structure and function of complexes involving proteins from the polyADP-ribose polymerases (PARP) family and chromatin remodeling factors.


Jyothi Mahadevan,  Research Associate

Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine

Research Interests: Mechanism of protein complexes regulating chromatin structure, next generation sequencing

Jyothi grew up in Mumbai, India and was curious to understand how things worked. She followed her love for Biology and Chemistry and completed her BS and MS in Biochemistry at University of Mumbai. She did her Ph.D under Dr. David Skalnik at IUSM. When not immersed in research, Jyothi enjoys hiking, skiing and trying out new restaurants.


Francesca Mattiroli,  Research Associate

In the lab of Karolin Luger, I am investigating chromatin assembly mechanisms during DNA replication and repair.



MuthurajanUmaUma M Muthurajan, Senior Professional Research Assistant

Uma did her undergraduate degree in Botany (Honors) from University of Delhi, India and Masters in Biotechnology from University of Pune, India with a specialization in Animal Tissue Culture. She completed her PhD from IIT Madras, India in Microbial Technology where she studied properties of Xylanase produced by Streptomyces cuspidosporus. She had the oppotunity of utilizing her research expertise for a year in a Biotech industry J. Mitra and Co in New Delhi developing diagnostic kits for identifying HIV in serum samples.

She started in the Luger Lab in summer 2000 and worked her way through several projects which helped her learn a wide array of methods. She learnt X-ray Crystallography by solving crystal structures of nucleosomes containing Sin mutant histones. Since then she has moved on to studying several chromatin interacting proteins like FoxA, MeCP2, and most recently the PARP family of proteins. Chromatin structure plays a key role in cancer regulation, together with understanding the role of PARPs in altering chromatin architecture, she hopes to contribute further to this field.

She has trained undergraduates, graduates, postdocs and technicians in the lab. She is an avid learner and continues to support the lab by helping in lab management and writing grant proposals.


Johannes Rudolph, Senior Professional Research Assistant

I am a mechanistic enzymologist presently interested in obtaining a better understanding of the details of the reaction mechanism of the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases.  Over my career, I have studied the kinetics and reaction mechanisms of a wide variety of enzymes, including ATP-dependent synthetases, protein kinases and protein phosphatases involved in cell cycle regulation and signal transduction, a Zn2+-dependent deacetylase involved in Lipid A biosynthesis, a quinone-oxidoreductase from human red blood cells, prostaglandin E synthase involved in the inflammatory response, a reductase involved in pyridoxal phosphate biosynthesis, and a flavin-dependent monooxygenases involved in the degradation of pentachlorophenol. Enzymes are fascinating!


Yang Liu, Research Associate

This is Yang Liu, who graduated from University of Guelph with a doctor’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Her research was on baculovirus (insect-specific virus) gene function analysis by using Bac-to Bac system and cell culture techniques.