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April 2017 CU News Biochemist, philosopher join American Academy of Arts and Sciences click for more
February 2013 Biophysical Society Youtube Channel Biophysical Society 2013 National Lecture
December 2012 Biophysical Society Biophysicist in Profile click for more
December 2012 CSU Nucleosome Rock Star Scientist Karolin Luger at CSU click for more
February 2011 HHMI Bulletin Journeying along an unchartered River has parallels to exploring Science click for more
October 2010 CSU News All in the (scientific) family click for more
October 2010 BeetStreet Karolin Luger: Unpacking the Secrets of DNA and Changing the Culture of Science click for more
October 2010 CSU News Professor appointed to National Institute of General Medical Sciences Advisory Council click for more
May 2010 Denver Post CSU team awarded $7.8 million NIH grant click for more
CSU News Biochemists receive $7.8 million health grant to study how chromosomes unravel to let genes do their jobs click for more
April 2010 CSU News Prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Awarded to Undergraduate Student at CSU click for more
March 2010 CSU News New Colorado State University Research Proves Histone Proteins in Cells Need Chaperones to Prevent ‘Hanky-Panky’ click for more
May 2009 HHMI Bulletin Cellular Nitniks click for more
2008 Epigenie Interviews Interview click for more
June 2008 Der Standard Oesterreichische Frauenkarrieren – made in USA click for more
November 2007 HHM Bulletin Ropes click for more
July 2007 OST: Bridges Introducing Karolin Luger – Finding Her Way through Chromatin click for more
April 2007 Coloradoan CSU honors professors at luncheon click for more
April 2007 ORF-1 Radio Interview with Karolin Luger on Austrian National Radio (ORF-1) click for more
March 2007 CSU News CSU researcher to receive hometown honors in Austria click for more
February 2006 HHMI News Following a Hitchhiker for New Clues to Viral Replication click for more
December 2005 HHMI Bulletin Vol. 18 No.3 Viewing Vital Structures click for more
March 2005 The Rocky Mountain Collegian CSU Professor nationally recognized click for more
March 2005 HHMI News HHMI Taps 43 of the Nation’s Most Promising Scientists click for more
March 2005 CSU News CSU Biomedical Scientist Named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator click for more
January 2005 CSU News CSU Awarded W.M. Keck Foundation Grant to research how and why genes are activated click for more
April 2004 CSU News CSU announces world-leading researchers as two newest Montfort Professors click for more
November 1999 The Scientist Hot Papers: Chrystal Structure (Adobe Acrobat Format) click for more
July 1999 The Coloradoan CSU researcher delving into mystery of DNA packaging (Adobe Acrobat format) click for more
July 1999 CSU News CSU Biochemist wins Searle young scholar award to unravel how information is extracted from packed strands of DNS click for more
December 1997 Science Vol. 278 Breakthrough of the Year. The runners up click for more